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Solicitor Bundle

This Bundle provides you with everything you need to effectively prepare for the Solicitor Exam.

What you'll get - your instructor will lecture on selected topics/competency areas:

  • The Solicitor Competency Course (published June 3rd 2024)
    • Business Law
      • Learn major concepts related to corporate law, bankruptcy and insolvency, securities law, creditors (unsecured and secured), etc.
    • Estates Law
      • Learn major concepts related to estates law including will-drafting obligations, powers of attorney, estate litigation, etc.
    • Real Estate Law
      • Learn about major concepts in real estate law including agreements of purchase and sale, title searching, closings, surveys, mortgage obligations, etc.  
  • The Professional Responsibility Competency Course (published April 29th 2024)
    • A step-by-step explanation of the competency areas related to Ethics and Professionalism 
    • A step-by-step explanation of the competency areas related to Establishing and Maintaining the Lawyer-Client Relationship
    • An explanation of the competency areas related to the subtopics of Client Identification, Conflicts of Interest, Interviewing Principles, the Retainer and Client Communications
    • A step-by-step explanation of the competency areas related to Practice Management
    • Some concepts are explained using examples to help you better understand the topics   
  • The Location Technique Course (published April 29th 2024)
    • Our proprietary bar exam strategy: the Location Techniqueâ„¢ - a 3 step process to answering practice questions that will help you tackle any question on Exam Day
    • Knowledge on when to answer practice questions vs. practice exams
    • An understanding of different styles of questions and how to answer them
    • 10 common bad habits almost every student makes and how to correct them - this is key to understanding why you're not performing well when answering questions!
    • A checklist to review before you start answering questions 
    • 500 Practice Questions in Total - including both individual and case-based questions for each section 
    • 100 Professional Responsibility practice questions for Barristers
    • 50 Professional Responsibility practice questions for Solicitors
    • 50 Civil Litigation practice questions
    • 50 Criminal Law practice questions
    • 50 Family Law practice questions
    • 50 Public Law practice questions
    • 50 Business Law practice questions
    • 50 Estates Law practice questions
    • 50 Real Estate Law practice questions
  • Slides not included
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