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We offer on-demand Competency Courses that explain the law,¬†500 Practice Questions & Answers, an¬†original bar exam strategy called the Location Technique‚ĄĘ and Private Tutoring to help you improve your performance so you walk in prepared on Exam Day.¬†¬†

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Watch our Barrister, Solicitor and Professional Responsibility Competency Courses to gain an understanding of the relevant competency areas and feel confident about key concepts

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Watch our Location Technique + 500 Practice Questions Course to learn the winning strategy on how to effectively answer questions and improve your exam performance

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The Barrister Competency Course 

Are you confused about which court to commence a matter in and where to appeal? Or are you uncertain about other critical concepts in Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, and Public Law? We have you covered. This course will guide you step-by-step through major topics related to the Barrister Exam, enabling you to perform better when answering questions.

The Professional Responsibility Competency Course

When writing the bar exam, it is imperative to understand professional responsibility concepts. In this course, your instructor will guide you through each professional responsibility competency area, ensuring you feel confident about the content. Upon completing this course, you will be better equipped to answer professional responsibility questions. This course covers duties related to competence, maintaining the duty of confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest and so much more.

The Solicitor Competency Course

Nobody enjoys studying for the Solicitor exam - that's why this course is essential. Your instructor will guide you through selected core competency areas related to Business Law, Estates Law, and Real Estate Law. You'll gain an understanding of key provisions in an agreement of purchase and sale, an estate trustee's liability, and how to advise your client on the three different types of partnerships, among many other topics.


Step 3

Start Answering Practice Questions

Now that you understand the competency areas, it's time to apply your knowledge. Practice makes perfect, and we offer not only 500 high-quality practice questions, complete with answers and explanations, but also our proprietary "Location Technique‚ĄĘ" method. This method has helped countless students improve their performance and pass the exam.

The Location Technique‚ĄĘ + 500 Practice Questions Course

There is an art to answering questions effectively, and we have honed the leading technique to help you do it. Introducing the Location Technique‚ĄĘ - a three-step process designed to help you answer questions quickly and accurately. In this course, your instructor will teach you the Location Technique‚ĄĘ and demonstrate how to apply it to different types of questions, enhancing your exam performance. This is our most popular course for a reason: not only will you learn our proprietary method, which has helped countless students pass the exam, but you'll also receive 500 (individual and case-based) questions to practice with and refine your knowledge. Upon review,¬†you will have access to correct answers¬†and explanations, aiding you in identifying and correcting your mistakes.¬†

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We've helped countless students effectively prepare for the Ontario Bar Exam - view their testimonials here.


Moyo M.

OBEC helped me pass the Bar!! I had many challenges, but OBEC showed me new techniques that I would never have thought about had I studied on my own. I would highly recommend OBEC...because Valerie is excellent at what she does!

Shahrukh Z.

I had the privilege to be coached by Valerie for my Bar exams. I am so grateful for her in-depth approach and thorough explanation for the core concepts. Her grip on the concepts has no match and it cannot be explained better. If anyone is struggling with time constraints or someone has doubts about how to master the concepts just go [to OBEC]. 

Erin R.

I attended the substantive [courses] for both the barrister and solicitor exams, as well as one of the PR courses. The courses were incredible for learning how to prioritize my review and provided fantastic practice questions for my revision.

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  • Choose which course best fits your needs
  • Ideal if you need support in one aspect of study¬†
  • Budget-friendly¬†
  • If you are interested only in practice questions you can purchase the¬†Location Technique‚ĄĘ¬†course
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Ethics and Strategy Bundle


Two Discounted Popular Courses

  • Professional Responsibility Competency Course
  • Location Technique‚ĄĘ + 500 Practice Questions Course¬†
  • Ideal if you want¬†to learn the professionalism content relevant to both exams + practice with 500 questions
  • Ideal to improve your performance on practice exams
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Barrister Bundle


Save $200!

  • The Barrister Competency Course
  • Professional Responsibility Competency Course
  • Location Technique‚ĄĘ + 500 Practice Questions Course¬†
  • Ideal if you're writing¬†the Barrister Exam only and want to understand the Barrister competencies
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Solicitor Bundle


Save $200!

  • The¬†Solicitor Competency Course¬†
  • Professional Responsibility Competency Course
  • Location Technique‚ĄĘ + 500 Practice Questions Course¬†
  • Ideal if you're writing¬†the¬†Solicitor Exam only
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Full Package


Save $400! Most Popular

  • The Barrister Competency Course¬†
  • The¬†Solicitor Competency Course¬†
  • The Professional Responsibility Competency Course
  • The Location Technique‚ĄĘ + 500 Practice Questions Course¬†
  • Ideal if you're writing both exams
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